If Your Skin Is Tan, You Might Be “Legally Profiled” – In Arizona

An Arizona state bill that would give law enforcement greater authority over arresting illegal immigrants has caused national uproar and could set the stage for court battles over how far states can go when it comes to immigration policies. The bill would it make it a crime for immigrants to have no alien registration document, and undocumented citizens would be charged with “trespassing” simply for being in Arizona. The bill allows police to question and arrest people without warrant if there is “reasonable suspicion” about their immigration status. It would become illegal for people to employ illegal immigrants or to transport them anywhere in the state, even if they are family members.

Arizona’s Republican Gov. Jan Brewer has until Saturday night to veto the bill, sign it or do nothing and let it automatically become law. Proponents of the bill say they are confident Brewer will sign it, but the governor has been facing intense pressure to do the opposite.

As of Wednesday afternoon, a spokeswoman said, the governor’s office had tallied 1,356 people for the bill and 11,931 against it.

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