Need of an Attorney for Social Security Disability Benefits at the Reconsideration and Hearing Level

A claim for Social Security Disability Benefits is a case that can be handled by an attorney through assisting in the preparation as well as submission of evidence that can be sent to have your claim reconsidered. In the event that your reconsideration application was not accepted, your attorney can request a hearing before an administrative judge from the Social Security Administration.

At the hearing level, an attorney can assist in:

  • Preparation to testify
  • Providing medical records, reports, and expert witnesses to support claim, and
  • Cross-examination of medical as well as non-medical witness contacted by the Social Security Administration.

There are statistics that provide support that having legal representation increases your chances of winning your claim which makes it an obvious choice to obtain an experienced lawyer. After deciding to hire a lawyer, the payment is on a contingent fee basis, which means if your case is not approved, then you will not be obliged to pay for your attorney’s services.

You will be charged either 25% of past-due benefits or $6,000.00, depending, which ever amount is less. If your attorney is subjected to any out-of-pocket expenses connected with your legal representation, the expenses will be a part in the finalization of your case.

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