Household Items that could be a Hazard for Young Children

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, many tip-over deaths and injuries could happen to young toddlers while in the home. Many parents go above and beyond to ensure their home is childproof and safe for all. But what some parents may think is a daily household item, could in fact be hazardous. Items such as an unsecured TV, furniture, and appliances are all hazards for young children. The CPSC is urging parents to make their home safe and take steps towards preventing the death of a young child by everyday household items. The CPSC estimated that about 16,300 children in 2006 were treated due to injuries caused by a TV, furniture, or appliances. From 2000 to 2006, an estimated 134 deaths were caused by a household item that had tipped over. Injuries and deaths occur most often when children climb onto, fall against, or pull themselves up on a TV, shelf, bookcase, dresser, or appliance. The CPSC has issued safety tips to help parents prevent tip-over deaths or injuries. Also, companies and vendors are obligated to let the purchaser know of every hazard the item may have.

Source: CPSC

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