House Bill 189 Introduces Treatment for First Time DWI Offenders

Texas lawmakers are considering a bill that would permit first time DWI offenders the chance to receive deferred adjudication as well as require them to install an ignition interlock device on their vehicle.  House Bill 189 was authored by Representative Todd Smith and introduces new incentives such as counseling and rehabilitation for first-time DWI offenders.

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Although, if the first-time DWI offender failed to fully comply with the rules and regulations set forth, they would be sent to jail.  The bill works in everyone’s favor, even the prosecutor.  Smith explains it gives prosecutors the necessary tools to combat drunk driving because the punishment can be enhanced for those who have repeated offenses.  Among the bill’s supporters are Mothers Against Drunk Driving, which has opposed deferred adjudication for years, although now they are accepting the ideas of House Bill 189.  The new law would only apply to first time DWI offenders who were not involved in a case of injury or death.


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