Homeowner Forecloses On Bank

It is almost unheard of that a homeowner would foreclose on a bank.  This in fact, did happen to a Florida homeowner.  The story unfolds five months ago when Bank of America foreclosed on a Florida home, who paid cash in full for their home when they first purchased the house.

The case went before the court and the homeowners proved that they did not owe Bank of America and that the house was fully paid off.  The couple also proved that they never even had a mortgage bill.  The Judge ruled in the couple’s favor and ordered that Bank of America pay all of the couples legal fees.  The Judge explained that the bank wrongfully tried to foreclose on the couple’s home.  Even after Bank of America was ordered to pay all legal fees, they still had not paid any of it five months later.

The couple’s attorney decided to take matters into his owns hands and tried to do what the bank had done to the homeowners.  The attorney went into Bank of America and tried to seize the bank’s assets.  The attorney had officers and movers accompany him, while giving them instructions to haul out desks, computers, copiers, along with other furniture, and take the cash in the teller’s drawers.  Todd Allen, the attorney for the Florida couple told CBS that Bank of America has failed to return any of his calls or letters, and that he had to take this next step to make sure his clients were compensated.  Shortly thereafter, the bank manager finally handed Allen a check for all of the legal fees.  Allen claims that banks tend to make errors when it comes to foreclosures and then make a lengthy legal battle out of it causing clients more money.  The couple’s legal battle did prevail with this bank and justice was served.

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Source: CBS News

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