Google Scam Affected Many

Google has recently filed charges against a company that supposedly infringed upon its name and rights in order to support its scam that stated that individuals could make money from working at home. These scams sent a false message to consumers stating that they could be involved in a program that was sponsored by Google and it would give them the opportunity to work from home and make hundreds of dollars while doing so. The program required no certain type of experience or qualifications. The company behind the scam, marketed in Google’s name, remains anonymous. In the case filed by Google, Google representatives stated that the defendants “have deceived the public by misusing the Google brand icon and marks to sell their “work at-home kits” to consumers and make them believe they will earn money through this Google service”. The defendants in the case misled many consumers due to their bogus news articles, news blogs, and fake testimonies to solely market their counterfeit service and then lead the consumer to various credit card processing sites. The scam has charged many consumers with monthly fees ranging from $50- $80 a month even though the ad is marketed as a free service. Customers end up paying these charges due to the mandatory credit or debit card information expected when signing up. Google customers who sign up for this scam gain nothing in return. Google concludes that many individuals have signed up for this scam not knowing they will not make any money as well as be charged hidden fees. Google has sent out many warnings against these “work from home” scams.

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