Former Coach Acquitted On Predatory Criminal Sexual Abuse

A $1.5 million dollar settlement was awarded to family members of 13 students who previously attended an Illinois gym, accusations arise, claiming that they were molested by a coach who was employed by the gym. The former coach is awaiting retrial on charges that he sexually abused seven minor girls. When the coach was tried in 2008, both his conviction and 20-year prison sentence were overturned, when an Illinois Appellate Court ruled that a previous judge made several errors in the original trial. In 2002, the coach was charged with sexually abusing 14 minors while at the gym, but after a 2005 trial, he was convicted of charges involving seven of the teens and acquitted of all charges involving the seven other girls. Most shockingly, the former coach was acquitted with the most serious charge – predatory criminal sexual abuse. The insurance company representing the coach as well as the gym will pay the full amount of the settlement to the families of each minor involved.

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