Federal investigators’ and Toyota technicians’ Unsuccessful Reenactment

Federal investigators and Toyota technicians raised questions about the San Diego driver’s version of events. James Sikes, said that the accelerator on his 2008 Prius somehow got stuck during the half-hour March 8 incident ( click here to read the story), and that he could only stop the car, which reached a top speed of 94 mph, by applying the brakes and his emergency brake. In a statement released Monday morning, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) confirmed that its engineers had “recreated the drive Mr. Sikes took” and had “not been able to find anything to explain the incident that Mr. Sikes reported.” James Sikes’ attorney, John Gomez, said the tests did not replicate what his client had actually done while driving the car, and did not support the contention of those who believe Sikes faked the incident for profit or publicity. There is no reason whatsoever to believe it’s a hoax,” said Gomez. And just to be clear, he is not filing a lawsuit, ever. He’s not asking for money, ever. So there’s no reason for him to make it up.

“The investigators placed the floor mat back into the car and tried to make the gas pedal stick to the floor board, manipulating the floor mat to see if it was possible for the gas pedal to stick.,” said the memo. “Both Toyota and NHSTA were unsuccessful”.

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