Facebook IPO was a Flop

Social networking has become an almost necessary component of a successful business. Facebook, for example allows people to accelerate ideas, relationships, influence, and movements.

Last Friday’s Facebook stock market launch was anticipated to be the largest tech IPO ever; it was surrounded with hype and anticipation because we made it what it is through our status updates, picture shares, friend requests, and pokes.However, we were not as worth as much as we though; Facebook’s stock has fallen for a third straight day. Because of this, investors and the media began to speculate if the company’s initial offer price was too high.

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Others argued that the flop was due to NASDAQ’s technical difficulties, which delayed buying by a half hour. Now, people believe there is more to the story and are speculating foul play. It is rumored that Morgan Stanley told its top clients that the bank’s analysts were cutting their revenue forecasts for the company just days before the IOP.

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