Ehrlich is wrong about Obama and the Social Security Disability Program

According to Ethel Zelenske, it was a disappointment reading an article by Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.’s column which described disability insurance’s exploding under Obama’s presidency. The percentage increase of people on Social Security disability was already expected due to the aging Baby Boomers now entering into their “high disability years”. To add to the numbers, there has been an increase of women in the work force over the years who are now eligible to received their earnings in the case of disability. The poor economy has also contributed to the difficult time for workers with disabilities to hold on to their jobs.


Despite these events, it is important to be clear that Social Security does not contribute to the deficit because it is self-financed by payroll taxes. The system is set up in way where money can not be spent that is not available as well not being able to borrow. People who are disabled and in need of these benefits should be able to receive through the payroll taxes they gave during their working years.


Furthermore, individuals with the significant disability are granted SSDI benefits which include about 40 percent of those who applied and were able to meet the strict requirements. The amount that beneficiaries receives is a modest average of about $13,500 per year. This is usually just enough to help avoid homelessness and bankruptcy. Because these program is so important for millions of disabled Americans, it should be protected. It is Congress’s duty to ensure a strong and responsive disability insurance program and make sure it continues to do so in the future.


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