Ecstasy Pills… A Crime or A Cover – Up?

A man, who claims that he collects different color, shapes, and sizes of Ecstasy pills as a hobby, has summoned help from the police because he claimed they were stolen from his house and he believes some of the pills are poisonous. The man felt it necessary to report the theft to the police even though it is against the law to have this type of drug. The man was worried due to the fact that he believed that some of the pills were in fact poisonous and did not want anyone to get hurt. The man had over 2,000 pills in his collection and police determined that it is not clear why 40 of those pills would be poisonous but are looking into the matter. The man also claims that he is not a drug dealer, does not use drugs, and stored the pills in a folder for collection purposes only. The folder was then stolen in a break-in at the man’s home. Prosecutors and drug enforcement officials are seeking if they can convict him on the bounds of a crime but questions have risen to whether or not this is even considered a crime. Investigators are looking into it. Due to the theft of the pills, there is no evidence to support to charge him with possession of illegal drugs.

Source: The Associated Press

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