Dubai Makes Arrangements To Pay Its Debts

Dubai is set up to receive $10 billion from Abu Dhabi to ensure the safety of one its companies against imminent default. Many feared the worst in the city’s finances. Dubai World, an investment company, has been ordered to repay many loans taken out from its Nakheel property distribution by Monday. $4.1 billion will be taken out of the emergency fund and will go towards the preceding bills and the rest of the money will go towards the Dubai investment company (Dubai World). Dubai officials have had many concerns pertaining to the emirate’s creditworthiness and are very reluctant to support Dubai World’s debt totaling $60 billion. Another concern for Dubai officials was “the move by Abu Dhabi which appeared aimed at quashing those concerns before they undercut confidence on the United Arab Emirates as a whole”. “The two emirates share control of the UAE, a federation of seven semiautonomous city-states”.

Protective officials have summarized a legal framework that guarantees to increase openness and defend creditors in any deals made in the near future dealing with the conglomerate. The deal presents lenders an additional reassurance in the country of Dubai where formal bankruptcy proceedings are more than likely untested. The emirate, who controls the UAE’s presidency, has blatantly supplied Dubai with a large sum of $25 billion just this past year through mostly Dubai bonds. Shockingly, Dubai owes over $80 billion, which almost equals its total economic productivity just last year. Many analysts do not know the current liabilities, but some are saying that the total could be well over $100 billion. This deals that aides Dubai, which is “the second richest of the UAE’s city-states but which has little of the oil wealth held by Abu Dhabi” is ideal. Dubai World that was created by Dubai possesses many interests in seaports, real estate, tourism, and retail. Much of Dubai’s growth immensely grew due to easy credit. But as Dubai was trying to pay off the bills, it struggled to reimburse while the economy decreased due to the global economic downward spiral. “Bankers said the last – minute cash injection signaled a national approach to tackling Dubai’s problems rather than leaving the struggling emirate to fend for itself”.

In order for Dubai World to have any assurance in the Dubai government, a standstill has to be successfully discussed. Dubai World leans on the financial support of the Dubai government to cover working capital and interest expenditures in order for the continuation of many divert projects. To better ensure the market, the UAE’s central bank, claimed that they will stand behind all of the other banks in the country of Dubai, including the ones that had dealings with Dubai World and Nakheel. Reports state that the emirate has had negotiations in making plans to introduce a reorganization law in the case of Dubai World but is “unable to achieve an acceptable restructuring of its remaining obligations”. Dubai World will need a legal process to abide by and work with. The government plans to create a system that would be fair and transparent to everyone involved. It has not been clarified exactly what would be exchanged for Abu Dhabi’s $10 billion bailout, but it will ensure greater influence on his part.

Source: The Associated Press

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