Drug Exchange ends with the death of a Las Vegas Man

A drug exchange ended in a deadly shooting of a 32-year-old man who was staying at a hotel in Las Vegas. Donald Taylor has been arrested and charged with murder and robbery from his involvement with the shooting. A woman who was in the hotel room is the key witness who explained to police what she had witnessed.


When Taylor and another man arrived, Phelan brought down a black bag and began unloading bags of marijuana. She then claims that the two men took out guns, pointed them at Phelan, and then one began to pat him down. The men told Phelan that they were taking everything. Phelan then tried to draw his weapon, resulting in shots being fired.

After Phelan was shot, both men fled from the scene. Once captured by authorities, Taylor denied shooting Phelan, although he did not deny being in the hotel when the shooting occurred. Detectives have not caught the other man who was involved in the crime scene along with Taylor. Taylor will be placed at Clark County Detention Center in Clark County.


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