Dodger’s Baseball Owner Reaches Divorce Settlement

Frank McCourt, the owner of the Dodgers baseball team, commented on the recent divorce settlement, explaining, “he is still the sole owner of the Dodgers.” Frank and Jamie McCourt have come to an agreement after a lengthy legal battle over their assets.

The future of the Dodgers is still unknown, although it is up for debate amongst the court.  The settlement solely relies on the team’s long-term television contract that has been reached between the Dodgers and Fox television.  In the case that Commissioner Bud Selig rejects the agreement, the settlement would no longer exist and both parties would continue with the divorce in court.  As of now, Mrs. McCourt and her attorney have decided not to challenge the agreement between the TV station and the league.

An upcoming trial before the Judge will decide whether or not Frank McCourt will take sole ownership of the baseball team or if it will sell as a community property.  In the case the Judge sees the team as a community property, both parties will receive half of the assets each, which would constitute the team being sold (as stated in the agreement).

Jaime McCourt will walk away with all of the homes they previously owned together, as well as $100 million, in the event the Judge rules that the team is a separate property.  Under the settlement, Frank McCourt will pay Jamie $650,000 a month for spousal support.  The Commissioner claims he will not make a decision until he fully investigates all of the Dodger’s finances.  The hearing for the ownership of the team is scheduled to take place in August.

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