Developing Area – S.H. 121

A wave of development in commercial property may increase immensely due to the completion of the State Highway 121 and U.S. 75 interchange that will occur in 2010. S.H. 121, previously known as The Sam Rayburn Tollway, expands from the northeast to U.S. 75 in Collin County. The Sam Rayburn Tollway was added to the NTTA System in September of 2008. Mr. David Pitstick (who is the executive director of the McKinney Economic Development Corp) stated that he believes that “the real value of Highway 121 has not been realized as a prime location by the business community yet”. He also stated that, “It is such a stark difference from the travel distances even three months ago – businesses and investors have not caught on yet but they will over the next several years”. Many believe that the completion of the highway will bring mostly corporate offices. In just the past two years, Allen has brought in a considerable amount of retailers to the vicinity. Due to this, the main focus remains on office and corporate developments. Pitstick claims that, “the highway improvements will certainly make the area more and more attractive over time but the market demand has been there for some time”. The on – going debate between the city of McKinney and O&S Holdings (the developer) is the land between the northeast corner of S.H. 121 and U.S. 75. This land has been extremely hard to obtain due to the intricate legal system that contains real estate investment and bankruptcy protection. A strong interest in this location has been raised due to this location being perfect for business. Improvements to the surrounding highway will only make it better.

Source: Collin County Business Press

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