Denton Mom Arrested for Stealing Sunday Coupon Packets

Source: CBS DFW

A North Texas mother was arrested on Monday, after she was caught stealing Sunday coupon packets from a coin-operated newspaper stand at a Whataburger in Denton County.

Sybil Hudson, a 37 year old single mom, spent 24 hours in jail, and was ticketed for theft under $50, but later the charge was upgraded. Hudson still not sure what her charge is, and claims that she paid for the newspaper and this is something, which she thinks is pretty normal and has done in the past as well.

According to Denton police department, it is a case of “extreme couponing.” Hudson was charged with Fraudulent Destruction or Removal or Concealment of writing for taking more coupons inserts than she purchased. Denton police is taking this case as a serious charge. In Denton County she can face serious charges for this.

If convicted Hudson may end up spending a year in jail and $4,000 fine. Hudson on the other hand is planning to fight the case, and thinks of the whole thing as a waste of taxpayers’ money.

According to the newspaper distribution companies, one of the main attractions of Sunday’s newspaper is hefty coupon inserts in them, and they can’t sell these papers without the coupons. Denton Police also received several complaints from local distributors about missing coupons in the paper.

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