Defective Switch in Ford Vehicles Mandates A Recall

Ford Motor Co. has recalled several vehicles due to a defective cruise control switch that had a possibility of causing a fire. Along with the vehicles that have been recalled, Ford recently added 4.5 million to the list, which now adds to a total of 14.3 million vehicles that have been recalled due to this situation. This is the company’s largest collective recall in history that involves just one hazardous issue. The recall includes all vehicles made by Ford in the years of 1992 to 2003. The automaker has been dealing with this problem for about a decade, which has caused many complaints and lawsuits against the company due to fires starting in the vehicles by the defective switch. A group of investigators found that this switch, made by Texas Instruments, could drip on the inside, overheat, and possibly ignite causing a horrific accident. Through the recalls, dealers will install a harness to prevent the fluid to flow any place where it could possibly ignite. Ford has stated that the company has not used the faulty switch made by Texas Instruments since 2003. Texas Instruments no longer makes or manufactures the switches for Ford Co. But, in a recent investigation by NHTSA, studies prove that many factors were to blame for the evasive fires that could possibly ignite. A small number of injuries have been reported due to this problem.

Source: Associated Press

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