Dallas Resident Sues Local Restaurant

According to NBC-DFW, Jim McDaniel, a Dallas resident claims a restaurant located in Oak Cliff has caused his home to flood and he is now suing for damages.  McDaniel claims that a city crew let him know that a nearby sewer line had been clogged up with grease, which caused the flood in the home. 


McDaniel claims he believes the grease came from two restaurants that are near his home, who were warned by the city to maintain their grease traps and keep them clean.  When questioned by the Dallas Mornings News, the attorney for Taqueria El Si Hay claimed that his client was and has been compliant with city ordinances and there is no reliable proof available that could prove the restaurant is to blame for the grease backup. 

Attorneys and the owners of El Si Hay are denying all damages that add up to $8,500.  A Dallas city ordinance mandates that all restaurants clean their grease traps at least every 90 days.

Source: NBC-DFW – www.nbcdfw.com

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