Dallas Man Wins Long Legal Battle Over Child with the help of Facebook

A father who resides in Park Cities has won full custody of his son after enduring a long and drawn out legal battle involving his ex-wife.  The man who owns a successful construction company claimed he was severely concerned for the safety and well-being of his 5 –year old son after he believed that his ex-wife was creating a hostile environment for the child in hanging out with certain individuals of questionable character. 

Attorney Michael Wysocki told his client that he needed to find proof that his ex-wife was in fact putting the child in danger by creating a hostile environment in the home.  The man then turned to social media and Facebook to submit enough evidence that eventually turned the case in his favor.  Attorney Wysocki provided pictures to the court that portrayed a picture of a partying mother.  A vast amount of the mother’s postings on Facebook over several months convinced the judge to order a drug test of the woman.


The woman’s drug test results were then looked over and made known to the court that she had failed.  The custody of the child was then signed over to the father.  Legal experts claim that social media is playing a bigger role in the courtroom (especially in child custody cases) than it ever has before.  Evidence collected from such sites on the Internet give Judges a better understanding of many cases and help them make better decisions regarding custody of children. 

Family law disputes are one of the most traumatic events in a person’s life, and as such, M&A family law attorneys will work hard to make sure that your needs are met and your interest is protected under Texas laws. At M&A Law Firm of Dallas, our family law attorneys have the vast experience of working on family law cases, and they are here to provide the best service to you.

The team of family law attorneys at M&A, understand the Texas Child Custody Laws, and they are here to help you sort through your rights and responsibilities. To have a free of cost, no obligation consultation, give us a call at our toll free 1-866-789-1664, or click here to fill out our convenient online case evaluation form.

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