Cyber-Bullying – Lawsuit filed against high school kids

A lawsuit has been filed against three middle-school students who allegedly posted a video on Facebook that was offensive and controversial.  Jason Medley filed the lawsuit on behalf of his daughter who was the victim of the video.

Medley claimed that his goal in filing the lawsuit was to protect his daughter and not bring about greater publicity over a stunt that was harmful to his daughter.  The video had several derogatory statements of the girl that were untrue.  The video also included suggestive and sexually explicit statements that were also untrue.  Medley believes his daughter is a victim of cyber-bullying, which is why he filed the lawsuit.

The video is graphic and was identified by Facebook as abusive and volatile.  Facebook has since removed the video.  The plaintiff alleges that the actions of the defendants constitute libel per se, negligence and defamation.  The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages, costs, interests, and further protection from threatening or defaming.

According to Medley, the parents of the three middle school students have not responded to a cease-and-desist letter (sent on May 20) or a follow up letter sent shortly thereafter.  He claims he filed the lawsuit hoping to get a response from the parents.  In the letters, Medley requests that the parents of the students agree to permanent injunction that would prohibit the students to have any contact with his daughter and for each student to give a donation of $5,000 to the Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use. The parents have yet to respond to the requests, although now they will respond soon due to the suit filed against them.

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