CVS Pays $2 Million In Lawsuit For False Advertisement

A $2 million lawsuit has been filed against CVS Drugstores in which they have agreed to comply with the suit’s terms and conditions.  The case alleges that the company falsely advertised and overcharged customers for sale items.  The complaint claims that the CVS located in Rhode Island regularly charged customers more money for items that were actually on sale. 

It was found that the store had been up charging since 2006.   The suit also alleges that the drugstore’s advertising was misleading when they did not follow through on the advertised discounts.  The judgment outlines that CVS Pharmacy Inc., will pay $1.2 million in civil penalties and $820,000 in investigative costs, to the California Dept. of Measurement Standards, and to the Consumer Protection Trust.  In order to further ensure that an ordeal as such does not transpire once again, CVS has created a three-year pricing program in order to make certain that customers are never up charged again. 

They are also mandating weekly in-store price inspections to make sure the prices listed are correct for consumers.  CVS has agreed to pay the settlement, although the drugstore has not admitted to liability and were able to come to an agreement with prosecutors.


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