Conviction of A Bar Who Served A Drunk Driver

A lawsuit has been filed against the New York Queens Café due to a drunk driver who struck a cab driver carrying a woman by the name of Ms. Demetriou. The suit was filed against the café in order to compensate for monetary damages. The café was at fault for serving Mr. Daryush Omar alcohol even though he was past the point of intoxication. After leaving the Café, Omar ran a red light and collided with the cab and killed the driver as well as Ms. Demetriou. Omar was found guilty on manslaughter charges and faces three and a half to ten years in prison. Omar acknowledges that even though he was already intoxicated at the Café, he was still serviced and given drinks. Omar is an immigrant from Pakistan but is in the country illegally. After his sentence is complete, Mr. Omar will be deported back to Pakistan.

-Source: New York Daily News

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