Child Support vs. Visitation Rights

In split families, a lot of times a mother will have primary custody of her children and the father has an obligation to pay child support.  What happens when the parent obligated to pay child support fails to do so?  The route some parents want to take is to deny visitation rights to the obligated parent.  However, Texas treats child support obligations and visitation rights as two distinct things.  Visitation rights cannot, and are not, conditioned on the payment of child support.


To enforce child support obligations, the parent receiving payment (the obligee) should file a claim with the Attorney General’s Office or seek the counsel of an attorney to file suit.  If no court orders currently exist regarding child support, an original petition in a Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR) can be filed seeking an enforceable order for the collection of child support.  If an order is already in place, an enforcement action can be brought instead.


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