Chicken Sold At Stores May Contain Bacteria

A recent study conducted by Consumer Reports investigated raw whole chickens that may contain types of bacteria that could greatly affect consumers. “According to Urvashi Rangan, director of Technical Policy at Consumers Union, chickens are not safe enough” and “it’s a dirty industry that needs to be cleaned up”. The study consisted of Consumer Report investigators who purchased 382 raw whole chickens from store across 22 states, then testing each for bacteria (salmonella and campylobacter). To much astonishment, about two-thirds of the raw chickens tested positive in having one of the bacteria present, if not both. Out of all 382 chickens tested, only a small 34% contained neither types of bacteria and were classified as clean. “The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates salmonella and campylobacter from chicken and other foods infect 3.3 million Americans, hospitalize over 26,000, and kill more than 650 every year.” What is shocking in this investigation is the fact that the chicken proccessors are required to follow guidelines in regards to salmonella but there are no guidelines set in regards to campylobacter.

Source: CBS News; The Jere Beasley Report

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