California College Student Awarded $49 Million Due To Car Accident

In a case that involves two truckers and the State of California, a jury group finds two truck drivers, as well as the States of California guilty and responsible for the injuries of a college student (Drew Bianchi). Mr. Bianchi received $49 million in damages due to the wreck that now leaves him with significant brain damage. The two trucks collided causing one of the trucks to ram into the back of the car that was carrying Mr. Bianchi. Many questions arise if the truck drivers were driving recklessly but it was proven that one of the truckers drifted across the centerline of the road and the other trucker at the time was texting on a cell phone. Before the case even went into trail, the State of California agreed to compensate Mr. Bianchi $10 million dollars. The Claim against the state contended that there are many known safety issues involving the road but the necessary steps had not been taken to fix the problems. Mr. Bianchi now has been confined to live in a treatment facility and is expected to need special medical attention for the remainder of his life.

– Source: Insurance Journal

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