Banned Distribution on Lead Toys

In 2007, millions of toys manufactured by Mattel Inc. and Fisher Price were recalled due to high levels of lead manufactured in the toys. Both companies have agreed to settle a lawsuit filed against them for the distribution of the toys. The projected class action lawsuit will determine 22 suits that have been filed against both companies and many retail stores on behalf of millions of individuals who purchased a defective toy for a child before they were recalled or taken out of the store. The Mattel Company recalled toys nationwide a total of six times in 2007, which involved more than 2 million toys. Along with The Mattel Co. recall, many other companies recalled their toys, which resulted in a total of 21 million toys being recalled. Due to the high volume toy recall, Congress passed a law that set strict guidelines for lead and chemicals and also ordered testing through a third party. Last year alone, the Mattel Company agreed to reimburse 39 states $12 million dollars in order to bring a close to a lengthy investigation of the defective toys. Again in June, Mattel was penalized for manufacturing and distributing lead-filled toys and agreed to pay $2.3 million due to their violation of the lead paint ban. The companies have followed the strict guidelines since 2007 and successfully have not had any recalls since 2007.

Source: Associates Press

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