AstraZeneca Settles Lawsuit Over Psychotic Drug

Alabama has recently sued AstraZeneca, a drug manufacturer, that has been convicted of the sale and marketing of Seroquel, which is a well-known psychiatric drug. The settlement reached will award plaintiffs $520 million that will settle two federal investigations of Seroquel. Due to the fact that AstraZeneca has marketed their drug so immensely, many children and elderly people used the drug but were negligent to the fact that indications had not yet been approved by the FDA. AstraZeneca’s drug, Seroquel, was the top-selling anti-psychotic drug in America. According to a health firm who researched the drug, it had a $17 billion revenue in the United States alone. AzstraZeneca is among many manufacturers’ in America that have made arrangements to pay billions of dollars to resolve investigations that have been initiated through former company insiders. AstraZeneca reports that 14,444 lawsuits have been filed from Seroquel victims as of October. Sadly, many individuals who took Seroquel have now developed diabetes as well as other health related issues due to the misleading marketing of the drug.

Source: New York Times

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