Assistant District Attorney Greg Davis Charged with Tampering with Governmental Records

Greg Davis, Collin County’s First Assistant District Attorney, was recently charged with tampering with a governmental record.  If the state finds him guilty, he could face up to two years in jail as well as a $10,000 fine.

The charges filed against the district attorney stem from an investigation of the district clerk’s office on behalf of the district attorney’s office.  In July, Prosecutors filed charges against District Clerk Patricia Wysong Crigger who allegedly falsified county records with five other supervisors.

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Prosecutors claim that Ms. Crigger and the five others altered time records to show that employees were working when in actuality they were not and that a couple employees took time off of work to contribute time to Crigger’s Republican primary campaign.  As of recent, a motion requesting to be recused from prosecuting the district clerk employees was filed on behalf of the district attorney’s office.

The motion signed by Davis claimed that time records had been altered by the district attorney’s office.  Davis is among the handful of staff members not being retained by incoming District Attorney Greg Willis who is scheduled to take office this week.  The district attorney’s office began investigation of state District Judge Suzanne Wooten after she impaneled the grand jury who indicted Davis.  In October, Wooten and three others were charged with six counts of bribery and one count of organized criminal activity.  Prosecutors claim that Wooten accepted money to issue favorable rulings although she denies such accusations.

Source: Ed Housrwright/ The Dallas Morning News

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