Assessment of Unjust Detainment

The Department of Homeland Security has made several efforts to repair our immigration detention system. In their effort to repair the system, they are hoping to have a more transparent system as well as superior federal supervision. Reported last week, the ICE wrongfully detained two legal immigrant women who were authorized to be in the United States. They were protected under the Violence Against Women Act. Maria de Barrera was taken under arrest in Los Angeles while she was at her home. The ICE showed up at her home looking for other individuals but took her under arrest even though she presented the ICE with her worker’s permit. Ms. Barrera was escorted to an immigration detention center and waited there until her lawyer showed up and provided proof that her documents were legit. In California, a similar case to Ms. Barrera’s involved a woman who was arrested and sent to an immigration center where she ended up being detained for a month. She was released only after her lawyer showed up with legal documents and arranged for her to be released.  According to an AP investigation study, there are 55 documented cases that involve interviews, lawsuits and documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. Documents show that individuals (citizens) have been held anywhere from a day to five years. Immigration lawyers agree with the investigation and conclude that there are hundreds of cases like Ms. Barrera’s. These cases come to show that there is a much larger problem with our immigration system. Until many immigration issues get necessary attention from our government, issues like such will continue to prevail.

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