Assessment Of The Texas Department of Family And Protective Services

In 2008, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services found that more than 14,000 children were placed in permanent managing conservatorship (PMC) of the state. These adolescents who are active in PMC will remain in there until they are adopted by a legal guardian, age out of the system, or are released. Many foster parents are involved in many services that cater to these children but most of these children are not cared for, as they should be. The Texas Young Lawyers Association and Texas Lawyers for Children have come together to combat such cases as these and have begun to recruit and educate lawyers in Texas to serve as an attorney or guardian ad litem or co-counsel to neglected and/or abused children who are currently in foster homes. These two associations felt the need to partner to ensure that children who are involved in PMC have someone to look out for their personal needs as well as their legal needs. There are two phases in a case that involves a child who has been removed from their legal guardian. The first phase of the case determines where the adolescent will end up and the second phase deals with the adolescent’s overall well – being if they are placed in guardianship of a foster home. After a decision has been that the child will be attended to under the PMC of the state, this will mandate that a judge be required to review the living arrangements of the adolescent every 6 months.

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