Assessment of the Dangers of Driving and Texting

A recent survey has proven that about 1 out of five U.S. drivers has texted and/or read messaged on their phone while driving. Surprisingly, most of the individuals in the survey all agreed they considered this action highly unacceptable. AAA Chief Executive Robert Darbelnet stated, “The new technologies that helps us multitask in our everyday lives and increasingly popular social media sites present a hard – to – resist challenge to the typically safe driver. Enacting texting bans for drivers in all 50 states can halt the spread of this dangerous practice among motorists nationwide, and is a key legislative prority for AAA in state capitols”. In yet another survey conducted, Ford Motor Co. reported that out of 1,000 individuals, a rate of 93% said they would support a nationwide banning of texting while driving. Along with AAA and Ford Motor Co., the CTIA- Wireless Association is in agreement with the ban and supports state and local efforts to do away with this dangerous habit. This idea of a ban against texting while driving has been introduced to Congress along with a proposal and the Obama Administration has reported factual statistics that state that 58,790 individuals were killed and 515,000 individuals were injured as of last year, all due to distractions while they were behind the wheel. Also, it was noted that drivers who were 20 years of age and under, were more likely to be distracted while driving. These statistics prove how dangerous it is to use mobile devices while driving. As of recently, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 18 U.S. states have banned all texting while driving (making it illegal) and 7 states have banned talking on a cell phone while driving.

-Source: Insurance Journal


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