Assessment of H.R. 1751- Development, Relief, And Education For Alien Minors Act of 2009 (DREAM Act)

H.R.1751 was recently introduced to Congress in March of 2009 and will provide millions of immigrants who have graduated from a United States high school the opportunity to receive U.S. residency. The bill will provide immigration benefits to the immigrants who arrived in America before the age of 16 and who have also been living in America consistently for at least 5 years prior to the Bill enactment. Once passed into law, immigrants who meet certain criteria expected will be able to pursue legal residency in the United States. Through this Bill, the immigrant has a 6-year waiting period, which entails a temporary residency. The temporary residency is based upon an expectation of certain educational or military requirements in which the student must attend college and obtain at least a two-year degree or serve in the U. S. military.  Upon completion of the requirements and the 6-year waiting period (temporary residency), they will be granted permanent residency. If the student does not follow the requirements laid out, temporary residency will be taken away and the student may be subject to deportation.

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