Assessment of Family Medical Support

Relating to a child’s health insurance coverage, Texas Family Code Section 154.182 has been amended to further explain “accessibility” and “reasonable costs”. Texas Family Code Section 154.1826 has been added and clarifies that vision, dental, co-payments, and deductibles are considered uninsured medical costs. This Section outlines the criteria for health care programs for children involved in IV-D cases. An IV-D case is a matter pursuant to Title IV-D of the Social Security Act in which the child support enforcement agency enforces a child support order. Texas Family Code Section 154.187© requires a medical support order or notice from the employer. Along with a medical support order or notice required, the employer must provide a copy of the statement to the sender within 30 days after receiving the order or notice verifying that the child is enrolled in the employee’s health plan, or was enrolled in another plan prior in accordance with a previous order.

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