Are Auto Safety Inspections Really A Necessity?

Legislators and Safety Advocates alike could not imagine how bad damages and repair would be if in fact Texas’s yearly safety inspection was not required. Despite the fact that some states have dropped the yearly safety inspection for many drivers, many mechanics think that this poses a big dilemma on all roads. Many automobile experts in Texas as well as all over the country admit that more dependable cars and added safety enhancements have caused inspections for vehicles to be obsolete. Even though Texas is one of 19 states that have a required safety inspection for vehicles every year, there has been no ban on the inspections, which does include emissions testing for every automobile. State officials say that more investigation could be done to decipher what the inspections are achieving. Jerry Johns, President of the Southwest Insurance Information Service, stated that, “The state needs to start collecting data and establish a baseline… if it is not working, then abolish it. But we do not think that would be the case”. Texas has always been ahead when it comes to the requirement of vehicle inspections. Congress passed the Highway Safety Act in 1966, but Texas began their inspection programs 14 years earlier, in 1952. In Texas, reports show that 13 percent of critical car accidents happened due to defective equipment in vehicles. In regards to this matter, state officials started the full inspection of vehicles, everything inspected from brakes to windshield wipers, to prevent such accidents. Last year alone, defective equipment contributed to a small 1 percent in critical car accidents in Texas. But these statistics may not be adequate, concerning the fact that investigators are not required to report defects of vehicles as possible causes of fatal accidents. Tom Vinger, a spokesman for the Department of Public Safety stated that, “It is clear that there are advantages to making sure this equipment is in proper working order… problems with this vital equipment can undoubtedly lead to crashed, so the program does prevent crashes and save lives”. The overall decision in regards to the necessity of Safety Inspections is yet to be determined.

Source: The Dallas Morning News

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