American Immigration Lawyers Association – Boycott Arizona

Arizona’s passage of a controversial anti-immigration law has stirred national debate. Some people are calling for an economic boycott of the state. Companies have been pulling conferences out of Arizona resorts while others have suggested consumers shun companies, such as US Airways, that are based in the state and have yet to condemn the law. This is not the first time Arizona has passed such a law. In 1987 Arizona stopped recognizing Martin Luther King Jr. Day, various groups organized boycotts of the state. The NFL pulled the 1993 Super Bowl from Phoenix for not recognizing Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Voters approved the holiday in 1992 and Tempe, Ariz., was awarded the 1996 Super Bowl.

The American Immigration Lawyers Association has already announced that it is moving its 300-to-400-person September convention, scheduled for Scottsdale, out of Arizona.

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