Actress Sues Bayer In Yasmin Case

Brenda Hamilton, a Broadway show actress has filed suit against Bayer, alleging that the birth-control pill Yasmin caused her to have a stroke at the age of 27. Ms. Hamilton alleges in the suit filed in a New York court that Bayer knew and withheld information from patients and doctors that Yasmin posed a greater risk for blood clots and strokes.  Ms. Hamilton had no history of health problems when she was stricken. Women have suffered strokes stemming from the use of other types of birth-control pills, which experts said were cause by increased levels of estrogen. Bayer touts Yasmin particularly for its low estrogen levels. Ms. Hamilton’s lawsuit is one of about 1,100 throughout the country claiming the pill caused serious or life-threatening health problems.

For more information on Yaz, Yasmine, and Ocella; and other defective drugs, please visit our Defective Drugs Website.  

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