88 Orphan Children Find Homes Through National Adoption Day

Tarrant County judges made history when they finalized the adoptions of 88 children last week, on National Adoption Day.  More children were adopted this year on National Adoption Day than in any previous year before.  One orphan, Ryan, 12, was one of the children to find a new family after spending the first half of his life on the street and in various foster homes. 


Debra Beaulieu and Tina Harvey adopted Ryan last Saturday.  The lesbian couple may not be an ideal figure to adopt a child in many individual’s perception, although they are giving Ryan a home that he has never had.  Both women are considering adopting another child in the near future, but only if Ryan sees this fit and desires another sibling. 

It was a true celebration when the 88 children found homes, although close to 1,000 North Texas children are still waiting to be adopted into good and stable homes.


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