81 Year-Old Woman Survives Truck Who Ran Her Over In Bed

81 year-old Felicita Fisher is now recovering from being run over in her own bed when an alleged drunk driver crashed into her house earlier this month.  Fishner claims she was sleeping when she thought she heard a plane crash, but she of course thought otherwise after learning a pick up truck had crashed into her house. 

Police authorities arrested Gabino Lopez (54) for intoxicated assault with a vehicle, causing serious bodily injury to the woman.  Fisher explains she has suffered from a broken leg and hip from the incident and has undergone surgery.  What makes this story amazing is the fact that an abnormal sleeping pattern may have saved the woman’s life. 


At the time of the crash, Fishner was not sleeping with her feet at the foot of the bed, instead, her head at the foot of the bed.  Fishner claims she did this because she claimed she had a premonition that something bad was going to happen even before she went to sleep. 

Fishner will now spend the next 60 days in rehab to fully heal.  Gabino Lopez is now out on $20,000 bond and is expected to attend court for his first hearing.


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