$8 Million Awarded to Librarian Struck By City Transit Bus

It took a seven-person Richmond, Virginia jury one hour of deliberating to reach an $8 million verdict against GRTC Transit System. Research librarian Meikiu Lo, waited on the sidewalk and was two-thirds of the way across the street when the bus, making a right turn off East Marshall Street, struck her, as she crossed North Eighth Street beside the library she works at. Ms. Lo, now 34, suffered spinal and shoulder damage and multiple hip and pelvis fractures that resulted in chronic pain after a GRTC bus struck her.

Lo’s attorney said. “GRTC had offered to settle the case for $1.8 million; the driver was fired,” He said. “She is a wonderful person who is a native of Hong Kong and will endure the consequences of the collision for the rest of her life,” He said medical evidence in the case established that Lo will likely undergo multiple surgeries for hip replacements before she is 50.

The decision yesterday will not affect the bus company’s fares or balance sheet, because the award, which could be appealed, is covered by insurance. No civil actions have been filed against the driver in this case.

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