$690,000 Stolen by American Army Captain

Recently, an American Army Captain, Michael Dung Nguyen, has pleaded guilty for the act of stealing over $690,000 from the government while serving in Iraq. Capt. Nguyen pleaded guilty to the charges of theft and money-laundering. Currently, the 28-year-old Capt. is stationed in Fort Lewis, Washington. The allegations against the Captain, according to the Federal grand jury, stated that Mr. Nguyen stole more than $690,000 that had been entrusted to him due to his position–the battalion civil affairs officer in Muqdadiyah, Iraq between the months of April 2007 and February 2009. The funds entrusted to him were designated for local commanders in Iraq and Afghanistan for humanitarian assistance and renovation. The indictment poses that the Captain spent some of the money on purchasing vehicles, computers, electronics, and furniture. His Sentence is scheduled for March 1.

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