$60 Million Settlement in Premcor Refinery Case

A $60 million settlement has been reached after a 15 year long legal battle. The settlement was reached after a handful of residents of the nearby areas of a Blue Island refinery claim that the refinery has polluted their environment with noxious dust and particles. The owner of the refinery, formally known as Clark Oil and later Premcor, is Valero Energy Corporation.


Several lawsuits were filed against this refinery after an accidental release of 15 tons of catalyst dust that send about 50 high school students to nearby hospital. In November, 2005, a Cook County jury awarded $100,000 in damages in that case, and $120 million to the Plaintiffs who were a part of a class action lawsuit. With this new settlement, people who lived in the refinery’s footprint between October 1993 and January 31, 2001, may be eligible for a portion of the money once the settlement is finalized.


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