Verizon Vs. AT&T – Who Has Better “3G” Coverage?

AT&T has requested a provisional restraining order against Verizon Wireless that would block a current ad from Verizon that compares the two network’s “3G”wireless coverage in the U.S. “3G” communication or “third generation wireless coverage”, provides individuals with a faster data connection along with other new applications. Verizon and AT&T both offer the “3G” network to their clients. Even though Judge Timothy Batten did halt AT&T’s request of a provisional restraining order, he scheduled a hearing in December in order for an attempt to secure a temporary injunction on behalf of AT&T. While in court, AT&T contends that the Verizon Wireless network’s ads are deceptive to the public as well as gives a misleading impression that AT&T’s clientele cannot communicate through their wireless phones when they are beyond the bounds of the “3G” network. The AT&T group was not satisfied with the court’s overall decision but believe that the ads (provided by Verizon) are extremely deceptive and misleading in the fact that AT&T customer’s will now question whether or not they provide service in many areas of the country. AT&T states that this is untrue and they do provide service in all over the country. Verizon Wireless states that their ads comparing the two networks are accurate and clearly compare the “3G” network coverage of the two wireless network corporations. Verizon has stated that they are in agreement with the court ruling and are making no effort to remove the ads.

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