$32 Million Judgment Against Goodyear In Fatal Crash Upheld

The Nevada Supreme Court is upholding the $32.2 million defective tire verdict against Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company in the tire blowout accident that killed three victims and injured seven others. Goodyear had argued that the jury award was excessive. However, the court says that the loss of life and serious injuries justify the amount. A suit was filed by the surviving relatives and guardians of the children against Goodyear, Ford Motor Company and Valley View Hitch & Truck Rental. Both Ford and Valley View settled their claim. The judge found that Goodyear “has taken the approach of stalling, obstructing and objecting” in its pre-trial behavior. As, a sanction the court ruled that Goodyear could not present a defense of liability , but could only argue to the jury the amount of compensatory damages and if it was subject to punitive damages. The jury came back with the $32.2 million verdict but didn’t return punitive damages.


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